LCN automatic door operators are a key component in a touchless door solution. They open the door electronically upon signal from an actuator, hold it open and then release it, allowing enough time for a pedestrian to pass through without touching the door.

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Electromechanical Automatic Door Operators

For applications where most pedestrians operate the door electronically, electromechanical automatic operators utilize a motor gearbox and control box to perform the opening and closing function. Upon receipt of an actuation signal, the motor drives the door open to 90°, where it is held for the programmed amount of time. Once the hold open time is complete, the motor releases its efforts and a spring drives the door shut to latch. Allegion electromechanical offerings are ANSI 156.19 and UL certified devices. 

Electrohydraulic Automatic Door Operators

For low to medium traffic interior doors, the LCN 6400 Series COMPACT™ operator offers a unique modular design. Simple and cost-effective, the COMPACT Series meets basic needs related to accessibility and touchless access. Whether you are upgrading a single opening, renovating a portion of your building or constructing a new facility, the ANSI A156.19 certified COMPACT Series enables you to promote a healthy and accessible environment.

Touchless Actuators

Actuators, such as LCN's 8310 Series Actuators, are a critical component for low energy swing devices in order to achieve ANSI 156.19 compliance. To promote health and well-being, many facilities are now replacing traditional push buttons with touchless actuators.

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Did You Know?

Double heat-treated pinions are used in LCN door closers to provide extra strength and reduce fatigue so that the hardware can deliver consistent performance and withstand high-abuse applications.

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