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Precision, performance, and trust runs in the family. LCN is a member of Allegion’s family of pioneering brands, and we share those benefits with you. On average, our team brings over 15 years of experience to your project. You can trust the knowledge, resources and assistance provided in this proven partnership.

Architectural & Specification Consulting

Benefit from Allegion’s team of over 150 architectural consultants around the world, dedicated to providing you with trusted support for building codes, access control and egress requirements.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive hardware specs and door schedules
  • Product catalog cuts and wiring elevations
  • Support with product substitution requests, product and application questions, and value engineering process
  • Review and comment on hardware submittals
  • AIA accredited training on building codes, electronic access control, vertical market topics, open architecture and more
  • Advisement on building codes to ensure compliance with fire, life safety and accessibility requirements
  • Review of product options, building programming, and potential security issues
  • Job site evaluation, pre-installation meetings and post-installation inspections

Learn more about our architectural service offerings. 

Security & Safety Consulting

Explore Allegion’s Security in 30 webinar series for informative sessions about Electronic Access Control (EAC) for all in the industry.

Technical Services & Support

Sure, LCN offers proven, precise door control solutions. But it’s the personal support behind the brand that really makes the difference. Choose LCN and trust you will be backed by unmatched levels of service and support. 

Interactive Installation Instructions

Installation is simplified with our interactive instructions that take you step-by-step through the install process.  

Parts Manuals

Check out the LCN parts manual to find what you need. 

Document Library

Explore our complete Document Library for a variety of resources such as Installation Instructions, Data Sheets and more. Search by document type, brand or keywords.

Knowledge Center

Knowledge is power. Try the Allegion Knowledge Center, which is an information portal directing you to search results or answers to Frequently Asked Questions. 

Code Compliance & Coordination

Discover this vast library compiled of technical articles, relevant news stories, questions from users, and more. Gain hardware and code compliance insights on a variety of topics including health care, fire and safety, school security and accessibility on Lori Greene’s blog,


Looking for a place to collaborate on all building phases in including design, construction, and ongoing management? Allegion’s Overtur is a digital environment with collaboration capabilities available for all stakeholders on opening information, throughout the building’s lifecycle.

Video Library 

Introducing Overtur

Allegion’s cloud collaboration platform for the design and specification of door hardware.

Overtur Transfer Door Data

This video demonstrates how to transfer door data in Overtur.                                

Overtur Mobile

Allegion's Overtur™ is a cloud-based ecosystem where project team members come together to collaborate on the specification, design, and construction of door security and openings.

Overtur Upload from a BIM

This video demonstrates how to upload from a BIM in Overtur.

Overtur Review Designs

This video demonstrates how to review designs in Overtur.                                     

How to Send Revit Data into Allegion Overtur

This video will help answer two common questions on how Overtur and Revit interact.

Overtur Track Changes

This video demonstrates how to track changes in Overtur.

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As part of Allegion’s family of pioneering brands, LCN benefits from the strength, efficiencies, resources, and integration from a global power. In turn, we pass those advantages on to you.

Allegion helps keep people safe and secure where they live, work and visit. With more than 30 brands sold worldwide, we specialize in security around the doorway and beyond. It’s the power of one.