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Explore door control solutions for specific requirements including ADA compliance / accessibility, touchless access, high security, fire and life safety and more.

K-12 Solutions

ADA Compliance / Accessibility

LCN's portfolio of automatic door operators offers easy access for people with disabilities. They solve the challenge of providing reduced opening force accompanied by adequate closing force.


Higher Education Solutions

Touchless Access

With a greater attention to health and wellbeing in mind, Allegion offers touchless technology that plays a role in prevention by decreasing the number of surfaces pedestrians come in contact with.                                                                                                                                          


Security, Fire & Life Safety

Automatic detection and containment of fire and smoke are the best ways to minimize danger to life and property. Patented Sentronic door closer/holders are designed to hold swinging doors open in normal use, then release and automatically close the doors under fire conditions.

Government / Municipal Solutions

High Security

LCN high security closers are designed to meet the challenge of vandal prone or correctional environments, featuring heavy duty concealment and tamper resistant fasteners.                                              

Multifamily Solutions

Clear Width for High Traffic Openings

High traffic openings in health care, hospitality and other heavy use areas require unobstructed doorways with nearly concealed hardware that stays out of the way and is capable of holding the door open.

Other Solutions


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Find the right door control solutions for your K-12, higher education, health care, multifamily and government projects.                                                 

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