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Elevate Accessibility with LCN 6400 COMPACT™ Series Operators


The LCN 6400 COMPACT Series low-energy operator is a simple and cost-effective way to automate more openings for touchless access and accessible operation. The modular design converts an existing LCN 4040XP Series mechanical closer to an automatic opening.

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The unique and modular design is easy to install and connects with a few simple screws and enables the use of existing hardware.

Cost Effective

The intuitive design minimizes installation and maintenance costs and reduces the need for skilled labor coordination.

Trusted Performance

The COMPACT operator leverages the proven 4040XP Series mechanical closer, which allows for easy adjustments and standardized maintenance operations.

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The LCN 6400 COMPACT swing operator was designed to make it easy to upgrade an opening for ADA compliance or touchless operation. It is the first of its kind to retrofit onto an existing mechanical closer. The unique modular design makes the 6400 COMPACT Series simple and cost-effective. The core elements of the solutions are a motor gearbox assembly, a 4040XP mechanical closer and wireless or hardwired actuators. For existing openings, you can repurpose the 4040XP closer. For new openings, you can configure a complete solution to meet your needs.


The LCN 6400 COMPACT Series Operator is a flexible solution for various applications. In low to medium traffic environments, for use with single doors, or as a 4040XP retrofit. Whether in commercial spaces, health care facilities, schools or residential buildings, automatic door operators are adaptable and valuable additions, ensuring seamless and efficient access for everyone.

Low/Medium Traffic

Low/Medium Traffic

Automate the operation of these doors, ensuring smooth entry and exit without physical effort.

Single Doors

Single Doors

Make single doors accessible to individuals with disabilities and simplify hands-free access.

4040XP Retrofit

4040XP Retrofit

Provide a practical retrofit solution for existing manual doors to meet standards and convenience.

Touchless Access

Touchless access from automatic door operators is vital. It enhances convenience, reduces germ transmission, and makes public spaces safer, especially in health care, businesses, and crowded areas, prioritizing occupants' well-being.  


The LCN 6400 COMPACT Series Operator prioritizes accessibility, granting easy entry for individuals with disabilities and enhancing convenience for all. These openers promote inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards in public spaces, fostering equality.

Accessibility Video

Increased accessibility and seamless access are possible with the LCN 6400 Series COMPACT auto operator. Watch this short video to learn more about this modular swing operator.  

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Video Library

Explore our collection of informative videos about the features and benefits of LCN 6400 COMPACT Series Swing Operators.

Introducing the COMPACT Automatic Operator

The LCN COMPACT Automatic Operator Whiteboard Video

Expand Seamless Access with the LCN COMPACT Automatic Operator

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